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News 2013

Sunday 1st December - Midland Golden Retriever Club
Bitch Judge Mrs Lynn Kipps
Millie - 3rd Mid Limit Bitch


Sunday 17th November - Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC
Bitch Judge Mrs Glennis Hewitson
Millie - 3rd Mid Limit Bitch
Saturday 9th November - Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show
Bitch Judge Hilary Male (Malenbrook)
Millie - 1st Mid Limit Bitch
Sunday 27th October - Midland Counties Championship Show
Judge Gordon Mackenzie
Beau - 3rd Junior Dog
Millie - VHC Limit Bitch
Sunday 20th October - Southern Golden Retriever Society
Judge Elizabeth Fisher (Palizolla)
Millie - 2nd Limit Bitch
 Wednesday 16th October - Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show
Dog Judge Ray Scholes (Rossgilde)
Bitch Judge Sue Pounds-Longhurst (Mossburn)
Beau - 2nd Junior Dog
Millie - 1st Mid Limit Bitch
Friday 11th October - South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show
Judge Janet Crang (Linoaks)
Beau - 1st Junior Dog
Millie - 1st Limit Bitch & RCC!!!!!
 Sunday 29th September - Eastern Counties Championship Show
Dog Judge Marilyn Lade
Beau - 2nd Junior Dog
Sunday 6th July - Berkshire Downs & Chilterns GRC
Judge Mrs Jenny Johnson (Jenric)
Maddy - 2nd Puppy Bitch, 3rd Junior Bitch, 3rd Under Graduate Bitch
Wednesday 26th June - Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society Premier Open Show
Judge Mrs Jackie Rogerson (Jackralee)
Beau - 1st Puppy Dog
Maddy - 1st Puppy Bitch, BPIB, PG1 & RBPIS
Sunday 16th June - South West Essex Canine Association
Judge Liz Halgarth (Chapelmanor)
Beau - 1st Puppy Dog, 2nd Junior Dog
Maddy - 3rd Puppy Bitch
 ***** Beau gains his Junior Warrant Title at Three Counties Championship Show *****
Sunday 9th June - Three Counties Championship Show
Judge Mrs Kathleen Greenwood (Telkaro)
Beau - 1st Puppy Dog, BPD & BPIB - Beau gains the last points needed for his Junior Warrant!!!!
Millie - 3rd Limit Bitch
Sunday 2nd June - Midland GRC Open Show 
Judge Paul Brodie (Chadzo)
Beau - 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Novice Dog, 1st Under Grad Dog, BPD & BPIS
Maddy - 2nd Puppy Bitch, 2nd Maiden Bitch, 2nd Novice Bitch
Friday 31st May - Southern Counties Championship Show
Dog Judge Mrs Paula Edwards (Lovehayne)
Bitch Judge Mrs Eileen Allan-Rossiter
Beau - 2nd Puppy Dog
Maddy - Res Puppy Bitch, 3rd Maiden Bitch
Thursday 30th May - Suffolk Agricultural Show
Judge Mrs Sue Norris
Beau - 2nd Puppy
Maddy - 1st Puppy, BPIB & PG3
Millie - 2nd Open Bitch & RBOB
Wednesday 29th May - Guildford & DCS
Dog Judge Kristof Gryson (Of Purdy's Cottage)
Bitch Judge Ms Veronique D'Alcantara (Tweednous)
Beau - 2nd Puppy Dog
Maddy - 2nd Puppy Bitch
Sunday 26th May - Beckenham Canine Association
Judge Ana Filipa Neves (Angelusparks)
Beau - 1st Puppy & BPIB
Saturday 18th May - Scottish Kennel CLub
Judge Mrs L Strudwick
Beau - 3rd Puppy Dog, 3rd Novice Dog
Maddy - VHC Puppy Bitch
Millie - 3rd Limit Bitch
Sunday 14th April - North West GRC
Dog Judge Mr Graham Scott (Gunmarsh)
Bitch Judge Wilma McFarlane (Bluebraes)
Beau - Res PD
Maddy - 1st PB
Millie - 2nd MLB
Sunday 7th April - Yorkshire GRC
Dog Judge Miss Ruth Turner (Amilone)
Bitch Judge Sue Hush
Beau - 1st MPD, Res PD, 3rd MD
Millie - VHC mid limit bitch
Saturday 6th April -  Northern GRA
Bitch Judge Val Burns (Abnalls)
Millie - VHC Mid Limit Bitch
Maddy - VHC Minor Puppy Bitch
Saturday 30th March - Scottish Breeds Championship Show
Dog Judge Hilary Male (Malenbrook)
'Millanza Take A Bow' 
Beau - 1st Minor Puppy Dog, 1st Puppy Dog, 1st Maiden Dog, 1st Novice Dog
Sunday 24th March - Eastern Counties GRC
Judge John Kuijpers (Fiveshill)
Maddy 1st minor puppy bitch, 2nd puppy bitch
Beau 1st minor puppy dog, 3rd puppy dog
Millie winning 1st open bitch
Sunday 17th March - Herts & Essex Border Canine Society
Judge Marianne Skott Jespersen (Gembaeks)
Maddy VHC minor puppy
Beau 1st minor puppy & BPIB
Saturday 2nd March - Romford & District Canine Society
Judge Ian Ferris (Romside)
Maddy 2nd puppy
Beau 1st puppy, BPIB & PG2
Sunday 17th February - Cheltenham & District Canine Society
Judge Charmaine Ennis Van Maren (Ramchaine)
Beau 1st puppy dog
Maddy 1st puppy bitch & BPIB
 ****Millie gains her Stud Book Number**** 
Sunday 10th February - Southern Golden Retriever Society Championship Show
Bitch Judge Mrs Heather Morss (Xanthos)
Millie - 1st Limit Bitch
Sunday 20th January - Manchester Championship Show
 Dog Judge Dr Helen Almey
Bitch Judge Mrs Beryl Stokes (Jobeka)
Maddy - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch
Beau - 1st Minor Puppy dog, Best Puppy Dog & Best Puppy In Breed!!!
This qualifies them both for Crufts 2014, so very proud of these babies!!!
Saturday 12th January - Buckinghamshire Canine Society Open Show
Judge Mrs Pam Wooden
Beau 2nd Puppy, beaten by his sister
Maddy 1st puppy & BPIB
A fabulous start to their show career's
**** Beau wins 1st Nursery Puppy &
Best Puppy in Show
at our Xmas ringcraft Party 2012 ****



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